Who We Are?


The Incubator Media  #1 Youth Online Community Radio was conceived during Excellent Leadership Conference 2016 convened by Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

The Incubator Media Resources Hub is a youth advocacy resource
hub that intends to reach out to the youth from secondary schools
and higher institution through life coaching and broadcasting of

Our Mission

To Inform, Enlighten, Educate and Empower Youth to Maximizing God – Given potentials for Assured Future.

Our vision

Raising a responsible youth in the society for               excellence performance.

Our Core Values


  • Spiritual
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Morally
  • Mentally
  • And Socially in Youth through the Inspiration of God by:

The Incubator Media #1 Youth Online Community Radio is a divine Platform for releasing a balanced Personality( Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Morally, Mentally and Social)

Why The Incubator Media #1 Youth Online Community Radio


  • It is also called #1 Youth  Online Community Radio.
  • Is a non-conventional radio with the mission as follows:
  • Challenge the status quo by confronting traditions with flexible contemporary strategies.
  • Demystifying broadcasting from any locations, events and by all (professionals and amateur) handling microphone.
  • Placing creativity over the traditional prevalent emphasis on credentials and certificates.
  • Advocating commendation over criticism, needs over faults, explanation overexploitation, support in place of suppression and delight over detriment.
  • Infusion of lively hope in place of loneliness, motivation in moodiness, courage in despair, strength in crisis, power for the weak, direction in confusion, friendliness in loneliness, hope in hopelessness.
  • Encouraging adequacy of talents, natural skills for self-realization and maximum in life and career.
  • A paradigm shift from the presumptuous game of luck to taking responsibility as the only path to success in life.
  • Roadmap of success by harnessing the natural attribute over acquired ability.
    Information over illusion and purposefulness over presumptuous.