Dealing with Over Protective Parents

Dealing with over protective parents.

How do parents manifest over protectiveness?

Over protectiveness by parents is the inability or hesitation of parents to allow their children function independently of their parents.

They scream and monitor the children’s phone call logs.

They have difficulty in trusting the children.

They give oversight of small details

They do not allow the children out of their sight except in school and in church.

Their rules are rigid and non-negotiable.

They deny the children the right things that are considered age appreciate by other parents.

Factors responsible for over protectiveness by parents.

Fear: Because of all the things that happens in the society that parents hear and see, this is the tendency for parents to become over protective because they do not want to expose their kids to danger.

Parents’ Past: Memories of the bad parent’s past experience that makes parent to build a wall of protection around their kids to avoid repetition of negative past.

The Child Shortcomings: Shortcomings due to mental, physical handicapped or down syndrome.

If they had lost a child before in the past and now have one child in the family.

Siblings past deeds or behavior.

What Are Effects Of Parents Overprotective On Their Children

Long time dependency by the children on the parents.

Low self-esteem: the children cannot take independent decision.

Anger/rebellion: They repress anger due to the fear of parent’s response. When such anger is kept or turn inward it leads to depressive but when it is outward it leads to rebellions.

Eating disorder:  The eating disorder habits of a child contribute to negative feelings of a child. It also becomes a time for the child to regain a “false” sense of control over their lives.

Panic Disorder: Due to fear of the parents the child could pick up panic disorder.

Emotional Withdrawal: Because the child can only get to relate those the parents give approval of and in most cases it will lead to the child to withdraw form others.

Delay in spiritual growth: Spiritually, the children that are being overprotected, do not have the opportunity to exercise faith in God and this likely lead to delay in spiritual growth because they do not see the need for them to grow spiritually.

How Can A Child Deal With Over Protective Parents

The child should realize that although the parents can be protective or in some cases excessive though they might meant well and should be honoured. The best way of dealing with such parents is to open a respective and non-threatening dialogue with them, you can write a letter or series, to show expression of love and appreciation of their acts and respective appreciate their concerns, frustrations and in some cases propose solutions to resolve the differences and where these did not work, call for the intervention of someone that your parent had respect for.


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