Talent is a God-given potential, capacity and ability. It is neither learned nor acquired through formal or informal training. God is the sole giver, you don’t need to work or labour to have it. It is God’s creative ability in man. It is also a reflection of inborn possibilities in man that is capable of achieving unpredictable and unfathomable feats.

Essentially it must be discovered, harnessed and sharpened to achieve maximum attainment and advancement. Also, It can adversely be exploited against the giver’s intention, therefore be wary of such harmful tendencies. Realistically, without early and adequate discovery, it can remain dormant and unproductive for the rest of a person’s life time; that is why you must discover it on time. Whatever you can do without much ado or can always do even with your eyes closed is it.

Acquire necessary training along that line to bring the bright side of your talent for effectiveness and efficiency. It brings fulfillment, joy and satisfaction to you after discovery and necessary usage. Yours can be singing, script writing, drawing, lettering, teaching and lecturing, coaching, mentoring, stylist, photography, gardening, dressing sense, graphic designing, website designing, choreography, dancing, public speaking, news casting, event management, cooking of diverse dishes (local, continental and international), painting, drama, acting, photo and video editing, decorations both internal and external, repair and maintenance ability, comedy, MC, baking, freelancing in trade and journalism, manual processing and packaging of fruits, beads making, painting and lots more.

Finally, Listen, learn and live out your inner longing to be the next man of history. Stop helping others to find maximum expression of their talents, yours is eagerly waiting for expression. This is the path to excellent and celebration in life. You will succeed!

Living according to your discovered talents makes you a boss and gives you an entrepreneurial mindset. All the richest folks in the history were made from the line of self-employment and not white collar jobs. There is no employee that can be rich and wealthy because his resources are limited and his time fixed. A worker works for the resources but resources work for the rich. The man with a white collar job is in a rat race that does end in circle not in progressive trend.


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