There are questions babies don’t ask. All a baby wants is probably some milk, biscuit, toy or some other trivial thing.

Also, there are questions old people are not likely to be asking at the moment. It’s either they’ve asked such questions before or it is too late to ask now.

When a person asks himself or herself ‘what on earth can I do with my life?’, the questioner is likely to be a young person full of life, potentials, prospects, fears as well, uncertain plans, and an undefined direction.

Every thoughtful youth wants to locate his or her core, what he is born to do, what makes him tick, that which will make him run. He is trying different frequencies looking to see where he will catch a vision for life or where she will grab that core purpose that resonates with her desire and design.

When you want to ask an important question ask someone who can answer it correctly. It’s not enough to go around asking the right question or to spend the whole time asking yourself. Until you meet and ask the right person who has the answer, your question remains a question, and you know if you don’t find the right answer to this question, you cannot be an answer to your world and generation.

Who has the answer?

Your maker, your manufacturer, your producer.

The same personality that put your nose where it is and made your skin colour black, white or red, that is the same Great One that put your potentials and talents within you, and He is the only one with the password to the answer you’ve been searching for. The ANSWER to your ULTIMATE QUESTION is in His hands.

He is JESUS.

Do you know Him?

Have you met Him and talked to Him about that question?

If not, this is your opportunity. Believe in Jesus as your saviour from sin, reconciling you to the Father, call on God to receive you and forgive all your sins, accept the salvation and Lordship of Jesus in your life, you will be saved.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

It’s a new relationship between you and God, and now you can ask Him the questions in your mind, the puzzles that bother you and the pieces you’ve not been able to put together.

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