Building Your Social Capital & Network

No single individual has got all the knowledge, ideas, wisdom and value to accomplish everything he/she wants to. Every single individual has a potential or activated value in them which can be explored for mutual success.

We are privileged to meet different people in our communities, churches, campuses, neigbhourhoods and many other places who can be of immense benefit to us.

The insight, character and deliberate effort to identify people who are relevant to one’s purpose and destiny and leverage on their potentials to become the best that one can be is very key to a celebrated fulfillment in life.

Listen to BUILDING YOUR SOCIAL CAPITAL AND NETWORK and know how to connect with the right people and network for growth in life.


Adedayo Olawuyi is an experienced Human Resource Professional with over 13 years of experience which spans across Learning and Development, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Business Partnering, Talent Development and Sales Data Process & Analytics in FMCG, Professional Institute and Quick Service Restaurant. Professional certifications in CIPM, NITAD, CMD, ITF, Certified Leadership Development and Succession Strategies (HCI USA). Adedayo is a pastor, motivational speaker and he is passionate about youth and entrepreneurship development. He also holds an MBA in Human Resource Management.

Building Your Social Capital and Network