Our Projects

Physical appearances in deformity, disability, long term illness Disorder issues such as anorexia, bulimia, etc Social media culture in negative impacts of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, goggle plus, etc Late night calls and chats with friends and opposite sex, night crawlers, nude video calls, etc Waves of cultism


People that enjoys listening to music and specialized radio on their smartphone and tablet through internet. Secondary school summer boot camps Campus communities and NYSC camps National Youth Success Camping programs. State or regional youth walk-out campaigns against social malady. Parents of wayward wards seeking for solution to the problems encountered by the children.

Marketing Plan

We are going to do secondary schools campaigns. Campus promotions at the nationwide universities. Also promote on social media handles.

Product Design and Development

Establishing of a specialized online radio station for broadcasting and advocacy of youth related services. Organizing talk shows and competitions (quiz, debate, volunteering work and football) in statewide schools to encourage dignity of labour and discourage examination malpractices, cultism, unwanted pregnancy, etc. Encourage the inculcation of and training on leadership skills in handling roles and responsibilities among their peers. Rewarding system for desirable outcomes, acceptable behavior and outstanding performance in moral and academic activities. National Youth Corp Service orientation camps for life coaching and management in postgraduate era. Organizing career and non-career training for a successful and fulfilling living. Provision of various vocational training for categorized youth groups.