Our Product and Services

actively engaged in the
development and distribution of broadcasted programs produced to
address the myriad need of the youth in society today. Once the
Company “green lights” a new radio show or format, the business will
aggressively produce, distribute, and market the show to the general

Our Products and Service

At this time, the business is limited to digital format and online radio
will come up soon, so that the business can immediately begin
broadcasting once the requisite capital is in place and various
campaigns on stream.
Family issues such as Parental divorce, siblings rivalries, single
parenting, step brothers and sisters, overprotective parents and
inattentive parents.
Abuse incidences such as Sexual abuse, rape, non-sexual abuse, etc
Sexual abuses can be inform of Pre-marital sex, pornography, lust,
masturbation, crush, homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, abortion,
Addiction in alcohol, smoking, pornography, drugs, gambling, sport
betting, films, online chatting, etc
Educational issues such as choice of career, subject combinations,
dullness, time management, etc
Emotional Intelligence as anger, self-esteem, griefs, guilts, anxiety,
suicidal thoughts, depression, loneliness, etc
Relational issues such as dating, love, peer pressure, choice of
partner, etc

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